Martina Navratilova has been cured of cancer!!


Czech-American tennis legend Martina Navratilova won another big victory. She was able to beat the cancer that doctors discovered in her breast and larynx at the end of last year. The Prague native announced the great news in an emotional TV interview with Piers Morgan. In it, she stated, among other things, that she was afraid that she "wouldn't live to see next Christmas" and that her fight with the disease was "the hardest thing in her life".



Love her... amazing individual...

But OP, a finding that one is "cancer free" as she states, is not the same as your post of "cured of cancer." As you are well aware, any cancer diagnosis in anyone is all to dangerous and must be respected for what it is.
Kudos to her bravery and fight...


I am so delighted for Martina! So both Evert and Navratilova treated Cancer like a top ten semifinal opponent and dismissed it on their way to something they really wanted more. Can't say I am surprised. ( It also helps of money is no object and you can afford to see the very best in the field, and not squabble with your insurance company to even get a phone call returned and you have to figure out how to keep your job and enough hours to stay 'full time' and make those appointments.)