Mary Pierce is NOT a number one world player


She's saying she wants to be number one next year. That's great to have big goals. But, aside from turning 31 soon, Mary Pierce is too fragile mentally and often folds under pressure to get to that point.

Look at her performance in both major finals this year--she was terrible. She often looked lost, lacked fight, made tons of errors and did not look like a top 2 player--or even a top 20 player.

In Fed Cup, she came up small again. Mary Pierce is a little like Davenport in that she does not respond very well to the most intense pressure of slams--like Henin does, or even Sharapova or Serena. Now that Clijsters has broken through, I think she'll be clutch in her matches. She almost beat Capriati at the French in 2003 and now she has learned to win.

Pierce has been around 12-13 years, but she choked like a little kid in those three big matches this year. She is not a number one player--especially mentally. Athletically, she's not a number one player either.

big ted

i cant think of any current wta players who are strong mentally. the strongest might be serena but she seems to only play her best tennis when shes behind and she feels like shes got nothing to lose. when she starts to get ahead again her game seems to go down a bit. there are no strong players like in the past - seles, graf, evert, etc.

now its all mauresmo, clijsters, davenport, williams, pierce, etc, not the strongest players mentally in my opinion so in that respect, i dont think mary has any worse shot then anyone else at being no 1. look who the current no 1 is - davenport

oh i forgot henin she seems to be mentally tough though, but has physical problems


Coria said:
She's saying she wants to be number one next year...

Look at her performance in both major finals this year...

Mary Pierce is a little like (world #1) Davenport in that...

You sure you're not trying to make a case for her?

jackson vile

I don't like Pierce at all, but when you watch the WTA, all the hissy fits, drama ect.

She can definetly hit Number 1, I would put some money on that, heck she came out of no where to almost grap the US Open.

If I asked you about that last year you would have said no way then also:rolleyes:


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Serena, when she is not "acting" or "pursuing her other interests" (whatever the heck that means). I hate her off court, but she has #1 attitude when on it.


I don't think so.

legolas said:
she cheated to beat my woman elena in the USO 2005

She hasn't cheated to beat Elena Dementieva in semi final of woman singles at U.S. Open this year because she has an injury really.


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I don't think that Pierce choked in those finals. She simply lost to better players. It happens sometimes. She has alot to be proud of this year and I take my hat off to her.