Match Stats/Report - Agassi vs Edberg, Miami quarter-final, 1994


Hall of Fame
Andre Agassi beat Stefan Edberg 7-6(7), 6-2 in the Miami quarter-final, 1994 on hard court

Agassi would go onto lose the final to Pete Sampras. Edberg was world #3 and would have moved to #2 by winning this match. He had recently won titles in Doha and Stuttgart

Agassi won 70 points, Edberg 57

Edberg serve-volleyed off all but 6 first serves and occasionally off seconds

(Note: I'm missing serve direction and return data for 1 Edberg service point and the ending has been partially deduced
semi-missing point - Set 1, Game 4, Point 2)

Serve Stats
- 1st serve percentage (40/61) 66%
- 1st serve points won (32/40) 80%
- 2nd serve points won (12/21) 57%
- Double Faults 1
- Unreturned Serve Percentage (17/61) 28%

- 1st serve percentage (47/66) 71%
- 1st serve points won (32/47) 68%
- 2nd serve points won (8/19) 42%
- Aces 2 (1 second serve)
- Double Faults 2
- Unreturned Serve Percentage (18/66) 27%

Serve Patterns
Agassi served...
- to FH 47%
- to BH 43%
- to Body 10%

Edberg served...
- to FH 41%
- to BH 49%
- to Body 10%

Return Stats
Agassi made...
- 46 (22 FH, 23 BH, 1 ??)
- 2 Winners (2 FH)
- 16 Errors, comprising...
- 3 Unforced (2 FH, 1 BH)
- 13 Forced (13 FH, 8 BH)
- Return Rate (46/64) 72%

Edberg made...
- 43 (24 FH, 19 BH), including 5 runaround FH & 9 return-approaches
- 3 (3 FH), including 1 runaround FH
- 17 Errors, comprising...
- 15 Unforced (7 FH, 8 BH), including 2 return-approach attempts
- 2 Forced (2 FH)
- Return Rate (43/60) 72%

Break Points
Agassi 3/5 (3 games)
Edberg 1/3 (2 games)

Winners (including returns, excluding serves)
Agassi 15 (8 FH, 6 BH, 1 FHV)
Edberg 16 (3 FH, 8 FHV, 4 BHV, 1 OH)

Agassi's FHs (all passes) - 1 cc, 4 dtl (1 return), 1 inside-in return and 2 lobs
- BH passes - 1 cc and 2 dtl
- regular BHs - 2 dtl and 1 net chord dribbler (with Edberg at net)

- the FHV was a swinging shot

Edberg had 9 from serve-volley points
- 6 first volleys (4 FHV, 2 BHV)
- 2 second volleys (1 FHV, 1 OH)
- 1 third volley (1 FHV)

- 2 from return-approach points (1 FHV, 1 BHV)

- FHs (all returns) - 2 cc (1 runaround) and 1 dtl

Errors (excluding serves and returns)
Agassi 22
- 11 Unforced (3 FH, 6 BH, 1 FHV, 1 OH)
- 11 Forced (4 FH, 6 BH, 1 FH1/2V)
- Unforced Error Forcefulness Index 50

Edberg 36
- 24 Unforced (7 FH, 11 BH, 1 FHV, 5 BHV)... including 1 FH at net
- 12 Forced (4 FH, 3 FHV, 3 BHV, 2 BH1/2V)
- Unforced Error Forcefulness Index 48.8

(Note 1: All 1/2 volleys refer to such shots played at net. 1/2 volleys played from other parts of the court are included within relevant groundstroke numbers)

(Note 2: the Unforced Error Forcefulness Index is an indicator of how aggressive the average UE was. The numbers presented for these two matches are keyed on 4 categories - 20 defensive, 40 neutral, 50 attacking and 60 winner attempt)

Net Points & Serve-Volley
Agassi was...
- 4/7 (57%) at net

Edberg was...
- 36/64 (56%) at net, including...
- 29/45 (64%) serve-volleying, comprising...
- 28/40 (70%) off 1st serve and...
- 1/5 (20%) off 2nd serve
- 4/9 (44%) return-approaching
- 0/1 retreated

Match Report
Good and very close first set followed by a one sided second where Agassi plays well and Edberg starts staying back regularly. Conditions are slow

Having fought back from break down, Edberg has 4 set points at 6-2 in the tiebreak, 2 on his serve. Agassi hits a perfect FH inside-in return pass winner off a body serve against the first before Edberg double faults on the second. On the 2 set points he has on Agassi's serve, Edberg misses regulation return (something he does all match) and misses a low percentage BH dtl winner attempt from regulation rally position

Edberg serve-volleys off all first serves and regularly off seconds in first set. In second, he stays back 6 times off first serve and always off seconds

First Set
Agassi returns 'just' steadily by his standard, or one might say 'steadily +' by a normal one. He hits back returns firmly, taking them as he normally does (i.e. early by normal standard). its the kind of returning that doesn't force volleying errors but percentages surround which favour the returner: Edberg's first volley is typically above average of power and about net high. And Agassi's inside court waiting to take an early whack at anything he might be able to reach the shot after

They're the sort of volleys that all but the best volleyers having a good day are likely to miss not irregularly, without being error forcingly strong. Certainly not floaters above net but also not bullets to the feet or overwhelmingly hard hit

On whole, Edberg copes well, though he doesn't seem too comfortable facing a steady stream of such returns. He's broken just once in a game that includes an Agassi net chord dribbling winner with Edberg at net and where Edberg makes 2/6 first serves. He serve-volleys behind two second serves - the first is returned hard and wide and forces an error, the second is returned firmly, just a bit wide and high and Edberg misses the volley

Poor returning from Edberg is a constant throughout the match. Court is slow and Agassi's serve is at best average, but he has unreturned rate of 28% - 1 % higher than Edberg. 0 aces or anything approaching an unreturnable serve from Agassi... 15/17 Edberg missed returns have been marked unforced. A small number of these were attempts to be aggresive, including 2 charge-chip returns, but mostly, just inconsistent returning against very ordinary serving from Edberg

Edberg opens up 6-4 lead in tiebreak, despite missing 2 regulation returns (and a third on his first set point). Not really a choke to lose it from there - Agassi's return winner against a body serve is among the best shots of the match, and Agassi himself had double faulted earlier in the set, to cancel out the one Edberg makes

Strange point brings up Agassi's second set point where Edberg appears to put a BH1/2V. Actually, the ball rolled up off his racquet onto his face which pushed the ball in play. Agassi comes forward and dispatches a swinging FHV next point

Second Set
a bit flat from Edberg. He's broken to start - points he misses includes 2 easy volley misses and 2 very good Agassi passes. After that, Edberg seems to somewhat pack it in. Stays back regularly off first serves and always off seconds - he'd been getting outplayed all match from the match and continues to do so

Starts trying to return-approach more. Doesn't come to much either - he wins 4/9 doing so all match. Most return approaches are more charge than chip

Agassi's returning and passing also takes a step up, and he wins 6/11 points against Edberg's first serve-volleying, which is about the same standard as it had been in first set

Points of Interest
- poor returning from Edberg. Agassi's best serves are barely forceful, and overwhelming bulk are at best, average with a good number rolled in. Edberg misses regulation returns all match to tune of just 72% return rate

Note though all his baseline winners are returns (and all FHs). These are charge-chip returns. The return-approaches are met with excellent passing shots

- Mismatch from the baseline. Baseline play is almost entirely outlasting stuff. Edberg has 17 UEs, Agassi 9... and Agassi is heavier hitter, moves Edberg around more. Edberg's FH is particularly feeble looking though its the BH that yields the most errors (11, while FH has 6 excluding a shot at net)

- Decent contest of Edberg at net vs Agassi on pass. Agassi returns within himself but gives Edberg not-easy volleys, which Edberg copes with reasonably well. He still has 7 UEs in forecourt (including 1 FH), which are on tricky side for being unforced. Agassi ups the ante on the pass, including the lob, in second set, and comes off better

Edberg's net points breakdown is telling -
- wins 70% first serve-volleying
- 20% second serve-volleying (just 5 points)
- 44% return-approaching
- 30% rallying to net

I'd more credit Agassi's passing than discredit Edberg's net play for the results

Footage of shown from Agassi's earlier match with Boris Becker, where a frustrated Boris handed his racquet to a 17 year old ball girl to play in his stead. Agassi, playing along, gently started the point and the girl got 2 shots off in the rally

I can think of many 17 year old girls who would have dispatched Agassi's 2 shots with ease. Someone like Martina Hingis at a much younger age was more than capable of dishing out a shot that would have rivalled the best shots of the match... pity that didn't happen

Summing up, competitive first set followed by a one sided second. Agassi is in control from the back, while Edberg is poor outmatched trading groundies and inconsistent of return. Not bad from Edberg on the volley but Agassi's passing trumps him by just a bit there too

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