Maximum racquet weight allowed on tour


I was wondering if there is a maximum weight allowed on tour as there is a maximum racquet length allowed on tour (29 inch).

I just want to know if maximum weight is regulated by some one on the WTA, ATP or ITF tour.

Nope. But there's no way you are facing an ATP serve with a 250 g racquet. On the other end of a spectrum, a racquet too heavy is just gonna be cumbersome and not make sense. 400 g is probably the upper end, and even that seems like an overkill in today's modern game.

There were reports of Murray using a 400 g racquet earlier on in his career, although he now hovers around 360 g.


I am using 16 ounces as well right now and I don't find it cumbersome. Actually I had some tennis elbow and going heavier cured my elbow.

I just changed my moves a bit and now the racquet is doing the job mostly on it's own. You just learn to use the gravitation more when generating power. And gravitation is the easiest resource to access.
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