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    Interview about the current dynamics at the top of tennis, given by McEnroe at the Rome Masters Series this year. He makes some interesting observations. He thinks Djokovic will be the player to succeed Federer as the next No.1 in the future, not Nadal. Also, below is his response to the Federer/Canas/Volandri conundrum. This and more.

    Q. Do you think in view of his results this year the people that he's lost to that the a slackening of the grip might extend to Wimbledon?

    JOHN McENROE: Not necessarily, because the guys that he lost to are the guys that make you beat them. They don't beat themselves. They're not going to be able to get away with that at Wimbledon. Guys like CaƱas and Volandri and even Nadal to an extent. These guys that are incredible counterpunchers. I mean, they get hot, but they play with a lot effort. Effort can win you, to me, on clay, but talent, striking ability, the ability to hit great shots comes out more in Wimbledon where it's quicker. It's harder to beat a guy like that. But, you know, at the same time, sooner or later he's got to lose. I mean, the guy has one what, four in a row?

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