McEnroe serve stats and development


Did J Mac have trouble with serve consistency and learning to serve? Trying to see how he came up with that motion.


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He was the antithesis of the modern player. Of course he trained, but his game evolved from his natural talent rather than a billion drills, physical conditioning and peds.

If I had to guess, I'd say he came up with that motion by trying to maximise slice and disguise rather than struggling to hit a ball, which I'm sure he just walked up and did.

Whatever he says, I'd take with a grain of salt. Like the old days, most of what he says seems to be more for effect than anything else.


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Back injury. If you look at early matches - his serve was actually pretty similar to Borg's serve which isn't that surprising since John was a huge fan of Borg's. But yes - his stance and motion change was to help with a back injury and then it turned into a plus to help "hide" his motion like a pitcher turning hiding the coming pitch etc.