medium weight, heavy SW rackets?


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Hi, always changing the weight of my rackets, I've tried a few stock 11 oz, to 11.5 oz., but 335 SW rackets lately. Thank's to Miquel Loo and the Hayes' sisters.
I do like around 330 SW's, which allow me to counter heavy deep balls with some consistency.
However, the 11-11.5 oz seems to make my volleying go weirdly inconsistent, the light handle leading the racket head by waaay too much.
I"m a net player first and foremost.
The two rackets, PS97S, and older Blade 16x19 98's.
Since I'm working up from Aero500's at 10 oz and 305 Sw's, adding at least 22" of lead (1/2" wide) in the head, I seem to need again that much in the handle to keep the volleying at a decent level, especially reflex volleys where time is of essence.
Any current TW posters using head even balance rackets with 330 SW's? For sure, baseline seems to work, but net play seems very hard to implement.
I almost think 12 oz rackets with 330 SW is a nice all court racket weight.


The Becker DC Pro stock is 3 pts HL without a dampener, and that was with an overgrip. SW 327, weight of the one I have is 318g. It would take just a little weight at 12 o-clock to get close to even balance and the SW where you need it. Great racquet with lots of comfort.


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Just done a quick search for you Lee and about the closest I can see are the Burn 100 at 320g, 329 sw and 1pts hl and Pacific Fast Pro 100 at 326/328/3.


I am 4hl, 11.8-11.9 weight and 333ish SW.

I think Nadal and Williams sisters use rackets like you describe - higher SW and less HL. They also must be very polarized because all the weight must be under the bumper.

Personally, I target 4HL and around 332-335 SW. Anything from 11.5 to 12.1 static weight is fine. I seem to have a mental block going under 4 HL but I could reduce the static weight a bit if I did. My thought process is 4HL allows me to control the racket head well as most of the heft is near my hand. Where as even balance would put more of the heft away from my hand making it more difficult to control. But, like I said Nadal, Venus, Serena and Moya all used high SW, low-ish static weight and more toward even balance. I think Moya even crossed over to the dark side and went HH.

If you like it at even balance and feel you can control the head well, why not try it?