Medvedev joins the big league, now Alexander, Stefan and Dominic need to be back soon - Don't let the Big 3 win in 2022 !

James P

Such a thing no longer exists. Thiem is on the next plane to Helsinki.
Very well could be true. No one knows if the old Domi will ever return. He was actually way better at dispatching the Big 3 than even Medvedev, Zverev, and Tsitsipas.


Some players could beat Novak on hardcourts
Some players could beat Novak on clay

But what young guy can beat him on grass? Nobody, unless Shapovalov grows a brain or Berrettini grows a backhand.


Hall of Fame
Let Novak win one more Wimbledon and then Next gen can take over, agree on other big 2 , they don't need to win more;)