Medvedev now withdraws from Vienna

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The Shanghai Masters champion, Daniil Medvedev has pulled out from Erste Bank Open 2019 in Vienna, Austria next week. After playing some relentless tennis over the last few weeks, the Russian cited fatigue to be the reason for his withdrawal from the Vienna Open 2019.

Earlier, Daniil Medvedev was scheduled to play at Moscow River Cup 2019, however he withdrew from his home city tournament due to the fatigue reasons which has been prevailing since his victory in St. Petersburg in September. During his press conference in Shanghai, Medvedev said, “as a professional, I can’t afford to step on the court if I’m not 100% ready.”

In Vienna, the home-two hero, Dominic Thiem will be the top-seed after World Number four, Medvedev’s withdrawal from Vienna Open 2019. Earlier, Nick Kyrgios withdrew from the Vienna event pertaining to his shoulder injury. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will be playing an exhibition event in Kazakhstan so hence they will not be present in Vienna, and World Number three, Roger Federer will be playing his home country event, Swiss Indoors Basel.

After entering six consecutive finals on the ATP Tour, Daniil Medvedev is third in the ATP Race To London and leaving behind the Swiss, Roger Federer on the fourth position.

“Those are unbelievable feelings. I could have never dreamed that I would play six consecutive finals. And those are not little finals: three in Masters 1000s plus a Grand Slam. That’s something amazing. Overcoming Roger on the rankings is something I have been dreaming since my childhood,” Medvedev said.

The US Open 2019 finalist, Daniil Medvedev is indubitably the best among the NextGen players and produced some unparallel results this season.

“He may not be at his best now, but he still plays well, constantly plays tournaments, tries to earn points. I have to try to improve every day. I worked for it, trained, did everything. But I could not expect I would manage to do it. Hopefully, there will just be more wins. I definitely have ideas about how to win a Grand Slam, play the final or semifinal again. I want to play well and I work for it every day,” Medvedev added.


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So he does bleed ;)



Yes of course it is the sensible thing to do.
But it does bring to mind the following questions.
What player holds the record for the fewest withdrawals from tournaments in a year?
Over their career (that is the average number of withdrawals per year)?

I'm sure someone keeps stats for this.

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Wow. Medvedev is SENSIBLE. Excellent decision by the Russian. He will have a long career.

Glad he is NOT making the same mistakes that Nadal made at the beginning of his career - OVERPLAYING. Which is why Nadal had so many injury issues.


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Med is making the right decision, his energy is much better saved for the big titles.

"...Overcoming Roger on the rankings is something I have been dreaming since my childhood,” Medvedev said.

Not so fast, Daniil, you are still behind Roger in the only ranking that matters by ~1000 points. And only ahead by ~200 pts in the race, with Roger playing Basel.


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That's part of the reason. The other is genetics lottery...

Well said. Genetics also played a big role. I think Nadal started with a foot issue and then had to wear custom orthotics which put even more strain on his knees.
But yeah, he could have done a better job with scheduling earlier in his career. He's missed TONS and tons of slams with injuries and retirements. Perhaps the only ATG to do so.