Medvedev reaches 5th finale in a row. Has this feat been done before by non-slammers?

Is this streak a flash in the pan, or a sign of greater things to come?

  • Just a lucky or temporary streak, doesn´t mean anything

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  • Proof that he will win slam(s)

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Just talking bout 5 straight finals before having won any slam...
The list is short enough! ;)
(Muster also won his lone RG title as part of such a streak)
Yeah, but Muster had been an established top 10 player long before he went on that winning streak. He had won M1000 equivalents years earlier.


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Medvedev is not yet the most successful Medvedev in men's tennis.

Medvedev has equalled Medvedev's highest ranking of No 4.

Medvedev has also equalled Medvedev's best slam performance (losing final in 5 sets vs. a great of the game).

However, Medvedev still trails Medvedev in overall titles (6 vs. 11) and Masters titles (1 vs. 4).
That first mafiosi Medvedev peaked at 18-20 then his career completely petered off, only to briefly resurrect in 1999 with that run to the FO finale. Then he got lost again.

A typical 90s career. How times have changed.


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@UnderratedSlam BG said Ryan Harrison would be top 10 and win slams on March 9, 2013 during Harrison's match against Rafa at Indian Wells. I watched that match live and Gilbert said that during the match and then afterwards in the match wrap up. Gilbert also said in 2011 at IW during Harrison's match against Fed that he would win slams and have as great a career as Roddick.
Man, he really goofed on that one. Harrison will be lucky if he wins a 500.

But I guess Americans are REALLY desperate for a new Sampras or Agassi - or at least Chang - that they get over-excited by any new homegrown player.