Medvedev seems to be the biggest chance of a real deal of Next Gen

Ain't it sad. But he just at the moment, seems like he is no Khachanov, Dimitrov, Sock, Tsitsipas, Shapovalov who I'd call overrated, because even though they win top matches they lose very low matches.

Medvedev in the only young gen player to have a fair excuse of losing at AO. Tsitsipas does not as winning 6 games against a player who won 8 games in an AO final is not good.

All of this is just my opinion, and I'm afraid I don't really like Medvedev that much at the moment, due to my finding of the lack of charisma he has.

I predict he will win the UO this year.

Is Medvedev the next gen most consistent player, do some of you think?
He was 5-4 at majors last year and is 9-9 overall. Not sure what consistency you are speaking of or what you see in him that Zverev, Khachanov, Shapovalov, etc. have not shown.
A pattern I see lately: winner of tournaments losing in first/early rounds of next tournament.
Consistency is very hard to find in players of today’s tour.


He seems further along in his development than a lot of the others; what that means is unclear since he's among the oldest next generation players. Barring injury, he should be a fixture in the top 15 for the next decade.

I don't think he could win majors in a decent quality field, but I wouldn't underestimate his game. He's incredibly consistent off the ground and has a big serve. Moves well too.


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Medvedev May be slightly more consistent than the likes of Tsitsipas, Khachanov, Shapovalov and Zverev, however they are better players than him.

It’s like comparing Hewitt and Safin in 2000-05. Hewitt was obviously the more consistent, but we all know who the better player was.
He’s my favourite amongst the young bunch. His consistency is underrated. For some reason I can’t seem to warm to those who play really hot in big matches then can’t be bothered to put in the efforts in the smaller tournaments. I hope he cracks top 10 soon
Of the three young upcoming Russians, I had him at #2 behind Rublev and above Khachanov. I got that right in terms of ranking but oh boy was I wrong about my #1. I still think Rublev has the game, just needs to get his head right and not bash everything that comes his way 110%. But yes, Medvedev has been pretty consistent since start of the year. Deserves what comes his way.