Medvedev sets the bar low: win a match in Madrid, Rome and French Open

Daniil Medvedev’s bar for success on the clay is quite low for a Top 3 player. The Russian who has had his struggles on clay says his goal is to just win one match at each of the next three clay events in Madrid, Rome and at the French Open.

“I always said for me it’s always step by step,” Medvedev said. “So the goal actually for all three tournaments, Rome, Roland Garros, and Madrid, is to at least win one match in each of them. You know, step by step.

“Of course when I come to the tournament, the main goal is to win it. It’s tougher on clay than on hard court, so will adjust, yeah, try my best, hope to show some good tennis, because that’s the most important. When I show good tennis I can win some great matches.”

Medvedev once again went into his troubles on clay.

“I don’t think it will change, to be honest,” Medvedev said. “I think my shots, my movement, my physical appearance doesn’t suit clay.

“The big thing that motivates me is that I know that I’m capable to win matches. Two years ago I beat some really good guys. Was in really good shape. So I know that I’m capable. Just need to always find this confidence and this feeling which is tougher for me to find on clay than on hard courts.”

Last month, Medvedev tested positive for COVID and had to withdraw from Monte Carlo. After some symptoms, he’s felling better now.

“I feel fit, that’s the first thing, because otherwise I would not come here,” Medvedev said.

“So I felt some sickness symptoms. It was like a strong cold, you know, or something like this. Had some nose and throat blocked a little bit, weakness for few days but not more than that.”

Medvedev will open against Pierre Hugues-Herbert or Alejandro Davidovich Fokina. He could face Matteo Berretinni in the quarters and then Stefanos Tsitsipas in the semifinals. But he has never won a match in Madrid (0-2).


Think it's one in each. He never won single round in Madrid and FO.
Clay is by far his weakest surface he has had some good wins on it and his game is not badly suited to it.. I think Madrid 2nd round is a banana skin for him though! I don’t see him doing much this clay season at all he isn’t a threat to anyone decent on clay


Hall of Fame
He undersells himself. He has a win over Nole on Clay. He's not that bad on the stuff. Ok, he does acknowledge that in the interview, but still he seems to be almost humble bragging.