Meike Babel's racket #27 in world singles


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I got this racket from @BounceHitBounceHit. He used to hit with Meike Babel at Vandy when she was an asst coach. It is 4&5/8 grip and was stock. I installed a syn grip and jammed a wad of lead in the handle, literally. It is 11.82oz/335 g, 8pts HL. I have no idea what spec she played this racket. I love this thing, especially on volleys and serves. It is deft as well as solid at the net. The fellas I played with tonight mentioned that I was particularly good at the net. I didn't lose any serves with it either. I strung it with Nat Gut x poly at 59/56lbs.

Head Size:95 sq. in. / 613 sq. cm.
Length:27.00 inches / 68.58 cm
Strung Weight:10.80 oz / 306 g
Balance:1pts HL
Swing Weight:325
Beam Width:21.0mm
Tip/Shaft:21.0mm / 21.0mm
Composition:10% nCoded Hyper Carbon / 90% nCoded High Modulus Graphite
Power Level:Low
String Pattern:18 Mains/20 Crosses
Main Skip:8T,10T,8H,10H
String Tension:53-63

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Felt softer than 62 RA more like 52ra which I loved ..
When I was banging the strings with my palm I told my partner that I thought I had strung it tighter, knowing I had strung it at 58 or 59 mains Lux 16g Nat Gut x 56lb crosses 17g Revolve. In any case I "snatched" another one off the auction site to duplicate. The grip size has me confounded. I was convinced that I was a 4&1/2, but have a number of 4&3/8 and many 4&1/2's because that is what I am "supposed" to have so I can play "modern" tennis. Maybe I am better at playing 70's tennis against 'modern" players.


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I think the smaller grip is merely a trend due to Nadal. A smaller grip will not help anyone unless you play similar to Rafa .. even then I don’t think it matters much at all . if you use your entire wrist when you hit a forehand it will not help in any way .
think of the wristed forehand with loads of topspin .. it would make sense if you had a smaller handle much like this / if you hold a beer /coke can in your hand and try to flick your wrist about it’s tough .. but if you hold a pencil it’s much easier to flail and flick that same wrist.
Wrist movements are seized a bit while holding a smaller girth in hand .
However :
I’ve been teaching tennis at a very high level for 20 years . And I have yet to see any of my clients or students that would benefit with a smaller grip than already established stroke development. Albeit with non developed mechanics the same result would follow and be surely said that whatever feels confidently normal is what should be used . My professional opinion ..
That being said I’m happy for OP !
the ncode 95 in pic above I always thought was a fantastic frame that never got its due . Wilson would have done well to have some of their players at the time (ATP/WTA) use thatPJ to facilitate more visibility.
with the specs of that frame I’m surprised that not any pros used this ..
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