Memo to Solinco

I know there is a pro version maybe it's the prototype but I seen a Solinco hyper g in black... Packaging in person looks legit compared to other Solinco products


I'm not a big fan of the color , but I like the string enough to use it despite the color. From a marketing standpoint it's smart. It's easy to indentify


The one on **** looks very legit, I had a reel of Unreleased Hyper G when it was being tested and the stickers are the same on the reel case


Personally I think black looks kinda boring probably cuz there are so many black strings. White on the other hand would look pretty cool


Is it really? So different strings don't have different spin potential?

I know you think you're trying to be a clever clogs with your response, but I know how how to spin a ball, thank you.
We aren't talking about synthetic gut or even Revolution, we're talking about Hyper G. If you aren't getting enough spin with something like Hyper G, then I'm sorry, but that's entirely on you.

FWIW, I use an 18x20 with a semi western grip and don't have an issue generating pretty heavy shots.