Men vs women play rating.


Would you say there is a difference between a men’s 4.5 and women’s 4.5 when it comes to public play? This goes with another post about people having inflated playing ability on Facebook tennis groups. Have seen women post about wanting to only play with “strong 3.5-4.0” players but they being a 2.5ish. I experienced that very instance and she continues to post about needing “strong 3.5-4.0”. The only way we where able to get a 5-6 shot rally was if I blasted the ball at her and she would kinda lob it back. If I did not put some serious pace on it, every return would casually land in the service box. This brings me to my point. I replied to another post about a women looking for 4.5+, does that mean the same thing across the board for men and women? I don’t want to be the person who has the inflated ability and not be able to keep up with her.


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In my experience, a 4.5 woman is typically a half level lower than a 4.5 man. Usually women are not used to the pace and serves that you see at the 4.5 male level. However, this does not always hold true as some women are better than others at handling pace and spin.