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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Chyeaah, May 9, 2012.

  1. Chyeaah

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    Sep 23, 2011
    I've been doing some just for fun practices and rallies before I started playing a doubles match.

    My serves were great before the match, loads of spin and some aces + 95% of them were in. When the game started. I hit 4 double faults in a row giving them a break.

    So the question is, how do you deal with this Mental shift from fun practice and Serious Game. Every time I try to hit the ball in it goes out...

    P.S Don't say to think of the game as a fun rally... that does not work.
  2. 5263

    5263 G.O.A.T.

    Mar 31, 2008
    I think more the opposite, where you take practice more serious and put yourself
    into a mental state much like you should experience in a match. Thru this practice
    you approximate match mental conditions and also tend to snap to them more in the actual match conditions imo, for a 2 way benefit.
  3. Drew_a_blank

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    Jan 14, 2012
    Bay Area
    Like 5263 said, maybe try to implement a more intense state of mind while practicing. Instead of thinking of practices as a "fun Rally" think of them more as an opportunity to improve your game, both technique wise and mentally. The more serious your time is on the practice court, the more you should improve for match-play as well.

    On the other hand, to a lot of people a practice, or a hitting session, is more about just going out and having a good time on the tennis courts. There is nothing wrong with this, but make sure your hitting partners have the same goals as you do, or neither of you will benefit from the time on the courts.
    If one person is looking for a competitive and productive practice while the other is looking for a social hit, this can lead to some animosity on (and maybe off) the court.
  4. Ducker

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    Jun 1, 2010
    Whether you admit it or not you are scared. Stop caring what everyone thinks and hit the ball like you do it practice.

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