Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too.

For Halloween I strung up some Kirshbaum string in orange with black synthetic gut. I have some Beast XP and will need to find some red string in my inventory.


Best regards from 80 degree SoCal.


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Hope Santa's good to everyone...

This year's been good to me. I practically have a lifetime supply of strings (bought out a closing stringing shop's inventory this past year), grips, overgrips... Not much I could wish for in my tennis workshop. Time to get my ski tuning workshop going...


There are no bindings that can hold me.
There is no place I can't enter.
I'm coming for you.
Pleasant dreams everyone.



Merry Christmas! We stayed home and had family "down time" and I think the 26th we played some tennis.

God's gift to us of love and redemption is amazing and wonderful.