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Welcome to the new message board. We are still using the Xenforo software but are now using the latest version. It had been a long time since we updated our software and felt that it was time. In the process, we also updated the hardware and are in a new data center. We hope that the board will run more smoothly.

With the update, there will be the opportunity to add features down the road. As with any update, there are sure to be a few things to iron out and discover.

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When I highlight text during post editing, no color appears on the highlighted text. But it seems to function OK so far just no visible sign that I have high lighted it.


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Hopefully this will solve the lag & double post problems. Moving the db to a ssd is a must. And the responsive theme is really great.
Posted this in another thread but I think it may be more prudent and useful for the TTW powers to be to re-post it here:

Main thing I'd like to see changed is all the white space on both sides. It's an eye irritant to me on the browser version and I like reading from left to right on the webpage, like I'd imagine most everyone does. Not text fluttering in the center of the page.

Since I don't foresee us getting a legacy skin any time soon, if to work out the problems with the new engine/layout. I'd prefer a skin mimicking the old site as best as possible but I realize this may be A: technologically impossible given the forum upgrade or B: Not enough people want it or C: I'm not entitled to anything because this forum is free and can change as it so chooses.

Aside from that nothing too pressing. I still don't like that post count and join date are less visible now. Do I think they're overly important? No. But it's nice to have a sense of added differentiation (albeit cosmetic) between users past just a different avatar and post rank.

Would also be nice if our username bar at the top of the interface could display our full username. It looks kind of ugly with the dots cutting off our name.

Other than that, the speed increase and increased smoothness is undeniable. As stated before, chats having a like feature is a nice addition.

Looking forward to future upgrades. Instead of whining about the changes without offering solutions, I hope this post helps highlight some of the deficiencies that will hopefully be addressed.
Looks pretty clean. One comment, having the word "Report" right below every single post gives a bit of a grim impression. Can we swap the position of the 'Report' element and the Like/Quote/Reply element for a friendlier feel? Or would that look too cluttered?
If you think that's bad, wait until TTW adds a dislike button which hides your posts to other posters a la Reddit.


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There we go, white space problem being fixed goes a long way in making this interface more palatable.

Can we add join date/post count below username/title rank like before?
We still need a separator between posts. Like in the old forum.
The LIKE box needs to be in a different color and smaller size like the old forum.

Basically, just take the color scheme of the old forum. Don't fix what ain't broke.

EVerywhere one is having to retrain our fingers. EDIT button is now below.
Similarly, on the NEW POSTS page, the last update date and last poster positions have switched. So i keep clicking the posters name when i wish to see the latest post. Why did they have to change the positioning of elements?

Don't they know about muscle memory ? It's like changing the position of keys on your keyboard with every upgrade.
For us luddites, what's a "proper classic skin"?
An option (skin) to make the current forum look as close to possible to the old 'Classic' skin, which was made to look as close as possible to the original vBulletin forum.

The colours though actually do look more purple/similar to the old Classic skin today than they did a day or 2 ago. Maybe it's just this computer. I don't know.
Is it just me or would it be more logical to have the "Like", "Quote", and "Reply" buttons to swap places with where the "Report" button is now?

You're more likely to use those three options far more often than you'd use "Report", and since English is left to right and not right to left, I'd have thought it'd be more natural to have those buttons directly under the text, and not off to the far right...

This is most obvious if the post you want to interact with is short, because then there's a whole lot of empty space between the post and the button, and you could end up interacting with the wrong post if you weren't paying attention.