Meta: Jocking your team or player - better than sex


From here:

""The heart rates that we have recorded throughout the first stage of the study are in line with those experienced by an individual reaching sexual climax, and in some cases greater than that," said Loughborough's Prof. Ron Maughan..."

Here's to the titanic levels of elation/depression tennis nerds have on tap for Sunday, Mr./Ms. Takes-Their-Playa-Jocking-WAY-Too-Seriously-Message-Board-Poster.

Conspiracy! The soul of the game! Think of the children! SOMEONE NAMED MAT ZOOLANDER SAID RAFAEL NADAL HAS ONE TOO MANY TESTICLES!

Almost makes me long for the time when this place used to argue about how tennis way thriving/dying due to the rackets people used. Forget that noise. Now it's all about the black ops finding the exact right court speed to make more $$$. The number and size of stones on the top guys. In fact, the number, size, and behavior of those stones under pressure.

High comedy.