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    Jun 20, 2007
    Hi i'm 14 years of age, and my metabolism is incredibly high. as i get taller i don't gain anything except muscle. i'm 6'0 and weight 138-145 average. before i started working out i was about 127. so i think its muscle. i'm really lanky, my arms are frickin long. which i think this is a good tennis physique. but i can't really gain anymore weight from muscle cause i have no body fat. any ideas to gain a little weight? maybe 10-20 pounds maybe? within a time where i work out so i don't get more fat than muscle.
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    You need to eat eat eat. You can't worry about gaining body fat, because if you're really that lanky then that's what you need. So just eat like crazy and continue working out, and later once you've built up your muscle you cut down your body fat while trying to retain as much muscle as possible.
    Since you're only 14 you might want to be extra careful and see a trainer first.
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    I am willing to bet you do NOT have a high metabolism. You sound pretty much just like me, perhaps a little more muscular in the upper body. Most people don't have a high metabolism; they just don't eat enough.

    Post a list of EVERYTHING you eat during the day and we'll go from there.
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    wait till you go to college.

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