MFIL 200 vs Bab AeroPro Crtl vs Bab Bab Pure Ctrl Team

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by coolblue123, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. coolblue123

    coolblue123 Hall of Fame

    Mar 2, 2006
    Rockville, MD

    I am wondering which is the racquet that will play closely to the MW 200g mid?


    Heavier Racquet (I like heavier swing weight... like my old MW200g)
    cntrl over power
    hit flat more than topspin.

    My choices are (all are mid size...)

    Dunlop MFil 200g
    Babolat Aeropro Control
    Babolat Pure Control
    Any other racquets???

    I know that the specs shown on many websites doesn't really represent the real world. I am hoping that this will give me more info.

    Any suggestion will be much appreciated!

  2. Bogie

    Bogie Hall of Fame

    Apr 24, 2005
    based on what u r looking for, probably the mfil 200 would suit you best imo. it is a hefty stick, great control, and def. is preferred for flat hitting players with the 18x20 string pattern. if i was you though, i would definitely try out the ncode nblade or the flexpoint prestige instead though. same characteristics except better feel and control with a little more pop.
  3. DragonFly

    DragonFly Rookie

    Jan 7, 2006
    maybe take a look at the HM 200g? I really didn't like the MW 200g, but loved the 200g.
  4. oscar_2424

    oscar_2424 Legend

    Sep 5, 2005
    Hallandale, Florida
    Try to demo the 3 racquets and see which one you like or feel better
  5. mr.fitch

    mr.fitch Rookie

    Feb 2, 2006
    I haven't played with the Dunlop yet, but I have heard some mixed reviews. But I have hit with both Babolat models extensively - I use the Control and my friend uses the Aeropro Control. What I gather is that the regular Control has plenty more feel than the Aeropro. The Aeropro just feels blah to me - sorry if I can't elaborate. But, yeah, the Aeropro doesnt have any feel to it and plays even stiffer, it feels dead. Too many bells and whistles, IMO. But definitely try them all out, I'm sure everyone has different tastes in rackets.

    BTW, I string with Babolat Ballistic 16's @ 60lbs and my friend strings with Kirschbaum Spiky 16s @ 56lbs.
  6. basil J

    basil J Hall of Fame

    Jun 6, 2005
    boston area
    My best friend used the MW200g for years and is now happily using the pure control. Better spin and more forgiving.According to him..
  7. coolblue123

    coolblue123 Hall of Fame

    Mar 2, 2006
    Rockville, MD
    I just play tested the MFIL 200 and the Babolat Pure Control Std (BPCS). I didn't go for the Aero Pro cause I am not use to the "space ship like," throat.... Here are my findings....

    Background: I am playing w/ a Dunlop MW200g mid. I want to change racquets bcz it broke finally.

    Initial Thoughts:

    MFIL 200: Racquet feels alittle heavy, like my MW200. racquet feels not as manuverable due to its weight. But swinging feels very comfortable... The grip is little short, given i play with a two handed backhand... The grip is stripped blue w/ white. It's not my preferred design...

    BPCS: Racquet feels lighter, it feels like one of those tweener racquets... The racquet feels like it's an oversize although head size is 100 Sq in.

    MFIL 200: The racquet feels similar to a Wilson Hammer. It's incredibly stiff and very unforgiving when shots are off centered (Similar to my MW 200). But if you have consistency in your ground stokes... wow..... talk about super pace! This racquet is for players whom set up for the ball and have a flat game. Control is excellent and very hard to hit the ball out. But like i said, no free lunch for pace...

    BPCS: The racquet has great pace, and really stiff. The head is alittle bigger than what i am use to. But off centered shots are very forgiving but shots stays in but just really weak. On shots, which I didn't have time to set up, (yes, i know my foot work sux...), when I block or flick the ball back, it came back in relative satisfactory pace. Can generate topspin easier. Again, like the MFIL 200, balls land as predicted. Seems like I can generate more pace with this racquet w/ less effort.

    MFIL 200: Got good punch on the volleys. The heavier weight to the racquet was alittle harder to adjust to at first, but volleys are very crisp and effective. Touch on this racquet is pretty good too. It's got great feel.

    BPCS: Very textbook control on the volleys. Control is excellent. Although I lost some "feel," using this racquet, the ball goes where you want to go w/o going out. But like i said, volleys feel alittle lifeless...

    Serves and OH:
    MFIL 200: Great pace on the serve... But man... my shoulder hurts after the 10th serve!!! yikes...

    BPCS: Again, very nice, control seems to be better using this racquet. It seems like I can get more veristility w/ this racquet.. (Maybe because of a more open string bed...) (i.e. Kick, slice, flat, and the just hit it serve...)

    MFIL 200: Groundstrokes are very comfortable due to it's swingweight.. There's alittle jar'ing and vibration compared to BPCS. But then I shouldn't complain, I use a MW 200g!!!

    BPCS: More comfortable than the MFIL 200, but like the MW200g I do feel alittle tired in my shoulders and wrist... (although I play tested both racquets at the same time...)

    MFIL 200g is a very nice racquet if you have a 4.0 + game. It's blisterring pace and control is legendary to the 200g line. Be sure to play test this racquet b4 you buy because it feels CONSIDERABLY heavier than previous models. Also, there's alittle vibration and pinging noise to this racquet (a wormy fixes this problem...) Oh yeah, feel is excellent on this racquet, actually, I think feel is the best out of all it's previous 200 lineup...

    BPCS: This racquet has great control w/ alittle pace is the recipe for this racquet. Although it feels like I don't have as much touch and feel as the dunlop, this racquet will not disapoint you when you are in your third set and want alittle more zip in your ground strokes. Topspin is easy to generate and serve is more comfortable to hit.

    With that being said, I am going with the Babolatt Pure Control Standard because I needed a change to my MW200g.
  8. coolblue123

    coolblue123 Hall of Fame

    Mar 2, 2006
    Rockville, MD
    Sorry I meant It's the Bab Pure Ctrl Team + length (not std length)

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