MG Prestige Mid and KBlade Tour Comparison

Mad iX

*Disclaimer: This comparison is purely my own opinion. If you think differently then so be it. Please note neither of my frames are stock.*

Have been playing with both of these for a while now. A little longer with the KBlade which I got during the Australian Open. Only had the Prestige a week now but I had a good hit with another which convinced me to get one of my own so all up about 4 hours playtime.

The angle of the pic makes the MG look a little bigger than it actually is.

As in my sig, I've been a Mid user for a while so I didn't have to get used to a change in headsize, just the tighter string patterns.
There's no NTRP here, so I can't say how good I am. I tend to stay at the back of the court but have no problem attacking the net. I don't hit with that much spin but can if I want to, I like to put a fair bit of kick on my 2nd serve, being lefty I also hit my fair share of slice serves.

I have modified both of them to my preferences. Both are leaded to 360g and strung with multi on the mains @ 58lbs (X1 on the MGP and Klip Excel on the KBT) and Big Ace on the crosses @ 56lbs.

No doubt I prefer the KBT. I wasn't a fan of the K90 PJ but I'm a sucker for matt black. However, I would prefer a completely black headguard.
I thought the Microgel PJ's in general were quite bad, but the Prestige looks much better in person. I'm indifferent to the CAP grommets.

Coming from my Tour 90, and being no stranger to the K90, the KBT offered a familiar "K-Factor" feel. The string pattern gave me a very 'clean' feel on my strokes but lacking of the heft and 'plow-through'. I had very nice control and didn't notice any lack of power.
The MGP in comparison felt very lively and crisp. I've noticed a few reviews saying it's very muted compared to previous Prestiges but this is my first Prestige, being that I've always been a Wilson guy. I also noted a very clean ballstrike but less spin. When I put away my first 'sitter', I was hooked. When you hit the ball just right, it's a very, very nice feeling.
Both very nice from the baseline. I feel the KBT is more spin-friendly but I'm starting to get used to the MGP, only backhand slices seem to sit up a bit more than usual. KBT is probably more forgiving but hitting big forehands with the MGP is addictive. Both lack the plow-through that I'm used to but I didn't really miss it.

Both very nice for hitting flat first serves, offering plenty of control. However, the KBT had a bit more pop so I'm giving it the nod.
My 2nd serve suffered with both frames as I couldn't generate as much spin, especially with the MGP. Still plenty of control so I didn't miss any more than usual.

As mentioned earlier, I love the MGP for when I get to crush the ball. However, on the flip side it's not as good for defensive shots and when returning big, heavy serves I found it quite lacking. It could definitely do with a bit more heft, I was missing the stability from my Tour 90.
Even at the same weight, the KBT did a better job here, it's definitely the more solid, forgiving frame and helped out a lot when I just had to react to shots.

Haven't really had too much time at the net with either of these, but I found I had to punch at my volleys a bit more than I expected. Both very accurate, tons of control but I had to work harder to put away some balls. I preferred the feel of the Prestige.

Grip shape
I got both of these in 4 1/2 which is my usual grip size. Which I then strip off the original grip and put on 2 overgrips as I prefer to feel the bevels as opposed to the cushy feel.
KBT is just another Wilson when it comes to grip shape. The Prestige, as expected (dreaded?), had the very rectangular shape which was weird but didn't bother me too much in actual play. I definitely prefer the Wilson shape but I can live with the Head.

Final Words
Overall, both excellent frames.
In the end, I felt the KBT was oh so slightly the better suited to me. It's more effective from all areas of the court in different situations, better serves and returns which are key in matchplay. Not to mention the familiar grip shape.
However, when hitting the ball right on the sweetspot, I have never loved a frame more than the Microgel Prestige Mid. I will be adding a bit more weight to give it more stability as it still feels quite light. Hopefully this will give me a little more pop on the first serve and stability on the returns. If I can get it right, it's a keeper. I'm interested in people's opinions on how the Mid compares to the MP or even the Pro. I've tried reading all the info on here but more is always welcome.


Nice review... i bought the blade tour, prestige as well as the k90 and IMO the k90 blew the others out of the water! my 2 cents. :)