MG Rad Pro w/ full gut or multi vs. Pure Storm w/ gut/poly?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by TenFanLA, Sep 7, 2012.


Which for better performance and comfort?

  1. Microgel Radical Pro with full gut or full multi

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  2. Pure Storm Original (leaded) with gut/poly

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  3. Time for Golf instead

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  1. TenFanLA

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    Feb 9, 2011
    Last night I rallied for an hour and then played 1 hour of doubles. With full gut on MG Rad Pro (MGRP) at 57lbs, I got plenty of power, decent spin, great feel and good comfort. However it didn't feel significantly more comfortable than gut/poly at 55/50. My doubles partner hit with my full gut MGRP and he said it didn't feel that comfortable. He thought that the racket had more to do with the lack of comfort than the string.

    When I played doubles, full gut was off the charts on serves, volleys, and overheads. On the groundstrokes it was fine except when trying to create extra spin and sharp angles. I can hit moderate topspin but not the type of kick off the court type of spin and angle that I can get with gut/poly or full poly. Also I had a hard time punishing weak 2nd serves with flat FH's because they kept flying long.

    For sustained, consistent baseline bashing and rallying, gut/poly > full gut. I just don't get the same type of confidence that I can keep the ball in 10 shots in a row. Also with gut/poly spin, it's easy for me to run my weaker opponents side to side and push them back. However it was easier to hit moderate topspin winners thru the court with full gut. When I hit with gut/poly in MG Rad Pro, however, my wrists and elbow could feel it.

    So today I strung up full Discho Microfibre (DM) at 52. I'm sure I won't get as much spin with DM compared to gut/poly. But if I can get better control on relatively flat shots with DM than with full gut, it may allow me to play a more offensive game. But MGRP just might be too tough for my arm with gut/poly. My Pure Storm (PS) OG strung with gut/poly feels really PLUSH and comfortable. But it doesn't give me as much pop and spin as MGRP. But for the sake of my arm I may have to use PS OG. I have it leaded up to 325g and hopefully that will give it more pop and stability.

    My question is, will I get better comfort and performance from (1)MG Rad Pro strung with full gut or full multi, sacrificing spin or (2)PS strung with gut/poly, sacrificing power?

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