Microgel Mojo & Microgel Radical Team Specs on TW Website


I know you average the measurements of a group of rackets for the specs you put on the website. Does the Microgel Mojo really have a lower weight and swingweight (10.4 ounces / 301 SW) than the Microgel Radical Team (10.7 ounces / 311 SW)? According to Head, the Microgel Mojo is supposed to be heavier than the Microgel Radical Team. I did a very unscientific swing test of both rackets in a store, and the Microgel Mojo felt like it had a higher swingweight than the Microgel Radical Team.

The Microgel Mojo is supposed to be a replacement for the Flexpoint Heat. How do the 2 rackets compare? I remember the Flexpoint Heat was very stable for its weight. Does the Microgel Mojo have the same stability? I am guessing that the answer is no since the swingweight is so much lower.

Anyhow, I would appreciate any of your input. Thanks!
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