Microgel Pro - Prestige/Rad/Extreme comparison


I currently play with a LM Rad. I like it (with added weight mostly in the handle), but am thinking that my game might benefit from a more open string pattern. So I'm considering one of the new Microgel Pro sticks.

Problem is, from looking at the specs, I can't tell which one (Radical Pro, Prestige Pro, Extreme Pro) would be the best fit. They all seem somewhat similar:

My LM Rad (customized): 98 head, 11.8oz, 8pts HL, 330g SW, 64 flex, 18/20 pattern.
Microgel Prestige Pro: 98 head, 12.1oz, 7pts HL, 316g SW, 63 flex, 16/19 pattern.
Microgel Radical Pro: 100 head, 11.7oz, 4pts HL, 319g SW, 64 flex, 16/19 pattern.
Microgel Extreme Pro: 100 head, 11.8oz, 7pts HL, 332g SW, 68 flex, 16/19 pattern.
Flexpoint Radical Tour: 100 head, 12oz, 8pts HL, 324g SW, 58 flex, 16/19 pattern.

I threw the FP Tour in there as well since it also has similar specs.

Any thoughts on the biggest differences in the way these play? Also, which would have the most similar feel to my customized LM Rad?


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Only tried the Radical and the Extreme, so don't know about the others. The Extreme feels to me more akward to swing even though its more headlight. Noticably stiffer also. If your used to the LM Radical even customized then the Extreme just won't feel right. You can always customize the MG Rad also :twisted: