Miraculous wrist healing...not recommended by professionals

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Caloi, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Mar 18, 2008
    As my shoulder gets stronger and pain seems to be a thing of the past, my wrist started hurting about 7 weeks ago. It would get sore after playing tennis, I'd ice it and take ibuprophen. It got to a point where my pinky would go numb. I didn't go to a doctor as I'd recently switched racquets, grips, etc. and figured I'd rest i'd rest ot over winter as a worste case scenario. Plus the last 5 times I've gone into my doctor for what I thought was a serious condition I was charged a $30 co-pay to be told It was a virus and would go away soon.

    I digress, back to my wrist injury. Well, I had played 4 times just before the 4th of July and my wrist was in panic mode. Ice and Vitamin "I" wasn't helping. On Saturday the 5th, an impromptu water balloon fight broke out with some neighbors and our kids. Pretty soon hoses and buckets were the weapons of choice. As I raced to the garage for another Super Soaker water gun I lost my footing and slipped. I landed right my my right wrist and it popped pretty loudly. I cringed, thinking it might be serious.

    After a few minutes I got feeling back into my pinky. The next day it felt as if it was back to 75% and by today it's almost perfect!

    I've hit twice this week and will hit again today. So far no problems.

    Not the healing method approved by doctors, but for now I'm thrilled!

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