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    We often get comments like-

    "As the video of the little girl and toly's still showed, even a young child can feel you don't wait for the bounce to move the racket."-JY

    which are mis-worded and incorrect related to modern tennis discussions.
    Over a page to make it more clear in the book, so here are partial quotes from the text to describe it better-

    "stalk ball with racket out front", which is meaning in front of the body as the body
    turns to face the oncoming ball.

    "Don't commit your swing until after the ball bounces." which is clearly not saying
    "Not to move the racket" or prepare like above, but more about committing and
    lining up the ball to accel the racket.

    It even states "you may start to adjust your arms" and prepare to commit the
    swing so you can be ready to adjust to the ball!
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