Mixing Head Gravity?


Has anyone tried mixing the head gravity triangle shaped main with a different x's than the one that comes in the hybrid set? I really like this string but do not care for the thin springy x's, I need something a little stiffer and less powerful.

I really wish that I could just purchase the triangle main string by itself. But of course head is to stupid to offer this option.


Have not used Head Gravity hybrid. Prince Tour XS is also a triangular poly which I have strung up. Use as a full bed or as a main with Prince Tournament poly crosses.


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How about trying Isospeed Pyramid in the mains? I've always had the sneaking suspicion that the two strings are the same


The cross string in Head Gravity is Head Hawk.

You can try Isospeed Black Fire. It has one of the lowest coefficient of friction and is very low powered, definitely lower than Head Hawk.