Mizuno Tennis Shoes

TW Staff

January?!?! I can't wait that long! :)

Wouldn't a Tour 4 be out by then, too? Thanks for the info, Michelle!
If we can get them sooner, we will!

But last I heard, early January!

If you are interested, our partners in Europe do have the Wave Exceed Tour 3 NOW --> (Mizuno hasn't begun their US distribution yet)
Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 3 AC Black/White Men's Shoes

Then as far as the update, we are expecting to see the 3 get updated in 2020.

Michelle, TW
I got my Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 3's a few weeks ago and I'm very satisfied. Lightweight but very supportive. I would say fit is not far off from a Solution Speed 3. A little firmer of a shoe. I'd call it a more supportive Solution Speed 3. There is a bit of a break in required. Love the look. Very Sporty. I would go a half size down as they run long. Looking forward to seeing what the TW crew thinks!

We just got our playtest shoes in and will start to test them out in the next two weeks. If you can hang tight until then, we can give you a preliminary fit and initial playability.

Brittany, TW
Hi, Brittany - are they shoes still coming in January like Michelle mentioned back in October?