Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5


The 5 is my new favorite shoe. I like a low/fast feeling shoe. They remind me of the old Asics Speed 2.

I liked them so much, I got 3 pairs (1 is a clay outsole from TWE).

I use my Superfeet Green insoles and have no issues. I like the padding in the heel counter (achilles surgery in 2020). The thin tongue doesn't bother me at all.
Since I play exclusively on clay, durability isn't an issue for me.
Yes, i have finally made the full time switch to these shoes. The all court version was pretty good on clay but i did notice some unwanted skidding on fast movements so I ordered a pair of Clay version's from TW europe. I have developed a small bunion on the outside of my pinky toe (tailors bunion) from wearing my shoes too tight and these seem to be the only shoes that i can wear all day and not be bothered by. This is mainly due to the soft upper. I did not size down but if i didnt have that issue then i probably would because i need two pairs of socks for the cushion.


After having this shoes for around 3 months, I went ahead and grabbed 3 more for future use. I also have the Asics FF2 and GR8. The Mizu is my fav followed by the FF2. Terrific shoe and first time I've ever tried these Mizus
Did the same with the hyperpulse raptor. Also have FF2. Liked a lot the exceed tour 2 but a bad ankle roll made me choose a more stable shoe






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I love these shoes. But the tongues on these are the absolute worst. Which is why I just ordered the Wave Enforce Tours this time around.


My son prefers these to the Enforce Tours b/c they're lighter and they slide better.

I think I like the cushioning of the Enforce Tours more.


I was looking for some new shoes as my old Jet Teres are starting to wear out.
I was between this one and the Enforce Tour but I still have my Adidas Barricades, so I will propably go the Exceed Tour way to have a speedy shoe not to mention it's also a lot cheaper currently.
How is the ankle protection on this shoe for people who have had issues with their ankles in the past?