MLB 2022 Cohen Tax Edition


Per @spystud request here’s the thread for the new season

AL East - Toronto probably runs away with the division. I think the Yankees and Rays surprise people for different reasons. Yankees finish 2nd and Rays finish 4th. Judge has a monster year in his walk year to propel the Yanks to the first wild card. Sox in 3rd O’s in last.

AL Central - White Sox division to lose. Twins have a good lineup but no pitching. KC is my dark horse playoff team. Tigers and Guardians (gross) aren’t relevant this year

AL West - Mariners win the division you heard it here first. Angels finally make it to the playoffs *ros finish 3rd and miss the playoffs. Rangers and A’s have the same fate as the O’s Tigers snd Guardians

NL East - Braves take it, just too deep. Mets finish second Phillies 3rd marlins 4th gnats 5th

NL Central - Cardinals win it, Tyler O’Neill wins the MVP. Brewers finish second but miss the playoffs. Rest of the division is horrible.

NL West - Dodgers win it Giants and Fathers make the playoffs. Rockies and Diamondbacks get beat up on a lot.

Playoffs - Mets beat the Dodgers and Blue Jays beat the White Sox. Mets beat the Blue Jays behind the best pitching duo since Johnson/Schilling. Showalter finally gets his ring.


Kershaw threw seven perfect innings and only had 80 pitches yet Roberts yanks him six outs away from a perfect game. Unbelievable.


What’s this got to do with taxes?
Cohen paid $2.4 billion for the reliably lousy Mets, lost an estimated $100 million per year during Rona 2020-2021, has the 2nd highest payroll in baseball and is passing it all along to the Mets ticket buyers. The ticket prices seem much higher this year. Though the Mets are in first place. It won’t last. They always stink it up.
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The Yankees need to do some lifting; Toronto got 28 in tonight’s visit to Fenway. It took the Yanks two games to get one run less vs the Sad Sox before the AS break.

Should a head or two roll after surrendering 55 runs in three games? Cheatro alum Alex Cora gets my vote for the pink slip but he will figure out how to dodge the axe and make someone else the victim. I would guess pitching coach David Bush will become the patsie for that snake.


Boston trades Vazquez & Diekman, then acquires the biggest idiot in the entire sport, Pham. What the #$&*?