Modern Forehand-who uses it ?

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    Jun 24, 2010
    I video taped my forehands, backhands, and Serves..The forehand I use is predominantly the modern forehand that Rick Macci has been advocating,

    Anyone else use it and what do you think about it(how the ball flies-height over the net,control, topspin,placement, ect) ?

    For me it was natural,,seems I hit this way for some time.

    3fees :)
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    Macci has lately been openly advocating several elements of tennis technique which duplicate basic tenets of Modern Tennis Methodology that Oscar Wegner has been teaching for 40+ years. It is great that Macci is promoting these elements as "cutting edge", but to put the quote from Macci below into perspective, Oscar Wegner should be given credit for teaching the "modern" game for decades.

    "I am frequently asked what makes the Rick Macci Tennis Academy one of the most respected tennis programs in the world? My response is that we have the best cutting edge instruction for all levels, second to none".

    What is really interesting and revealing is studying the differences between Wegner's and other well-known coaches' instructional principles.

    In the early 1990's Venus and Serena Williams, started in tennis with conventional technique, were influenced by Wegner's methodology which their coach-father now had them studying and practicing from Wegner's televised instruction, even while training at the Macci Academy.

    Regardless of the source, by incorporating "modern" strokes which do feel natural and instinctive for most players who employ them, their game begins to resemble more how the pros play, and ability increases.
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