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    Jun 18, 2009
    I went down to the courts yesterday. Her*** was there. He was sitting on the green picnic bench, rubbing his feet, with no socks on. I said, "Put those socks back on. Those things stink."

    He said, "They feel better with no socks on.", and pointed to Jo**. on the court. He said, "He's been saying he can beat you in singles."

    I said, "I lost one set of doubles to him. I was playing with Swe***, and he was missing volleys at the net you would not believe. One set of doubles, means nothing. How many sets did you lose playing with Andy? You never won one set with him."

    "I don't remember."

    "Andy R. All those sets, with me playing with Phil or Dr. Dave, and you never won one. I don't go around saying, Herman never beat me."

    He said, "Doubles means nothing."

    "It's a different game.", I said. "Means nothing. You are only as strong as your partner in doubles."

    I saw Jo** after playing with a 5.0 guy, sitting on the bench. Jo** said, "Who won?"

    "Tory won two out of three ten point tie breakers. I hear you've been telling people you would beat me in singles."

    Jo** said, "I beat you. YOu couldn't handle my big serve."

    "One set of doubles. I beat you in the other set. You mean your 20 mph serve? Let's play singles for money."

    Jo** said, "Her*** wants to play you and I with Swe*** for money. I won't play for money. He wants to play."

    "I don't want to play doubles with you. I want to play you singles for money."

    Jo** said, "Let's go right now for $100. I want three games a set."

    "I'm not going to give you anything. You go around telling people you would beat me? I'll cut you up. I'm tired right now. I've been playing **** for two hours."

    "Her*** stirring up some **** again. He wants to connect me with the guy everyone hates, as a team, and yet he won't take the risk of playing me in singles! Money matches are bloody. I am going to need a referee with all the bad calls you make."
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    Aug 14, 2006
    Do you live in "Lake Wobegon" by any chance?
  3. kiteboard

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    Jun 18, 2009
    I like lake Woebegone. The guy is smooth. Used to listen to tennis matches on the radio before tv. "Laver goes dtl with his bh return. The flying dutchman hits a shoe string volley!"

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