Monfils and Svitolina engaged


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I saw a recent tweet of Svitolina in Twitter dancing and she looks beautiful. I considered sending her a compliment or a "I love you" Monfils, you are lucky.
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Wow! I wish the best to the two of them. I watch Monfils' twitch streams regularly and he seems like an amazing person.


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I don't really follow ATP/WTA gossip but I believe these two have been an item for a while now. Hopefully that's a propitious sign of what's to come.

One more thing:

I see the ring, but wow that watch...
Yeah I noticed that, too. But I'm frankly more struck by her skin which already seems to be losing its vitality of youth. It's one of life's great iniquities that (most) women age faster than men, and all that playing under the sun no doubt hasn't helped.