Monte Carlo Final


Well two of the most determined players on tour in the final. Should hopefully be a good one.

From the semis today the pick would have been the Safin-Coria game. Perhaps this would have been better as the final.

I think Coria has this one though.. his play this week has been nothing short of phenomenal especially the way he dismantled Nalbandian in the quarters.

Commentators were wondering if he could win all four of the MC/Rome/Hamburg/French finals. Personally I don't think anyone would be able to do that!


Schuettler + Coria= great match

This should be a real entertainer for people that enjoy seeing the grinders. But you know, it seems like Muster took all 4 of those tournaments the year that he won the French.


Im going for Schuettler for the final.

I think he vollies better than Coria.

Afterall we all love an underdog!!!!


pound cat

In his MC loss to Coria to-day Safin said to beat Coria you have to be fit and fast. Schuettler is the fittest guy on the tour. But Coria is fast and is the best on clay right now. Coria should logically win.
Hopefully it will be a good match, Schuettler is finally getting into a groove this year and seems to have his confidence back, it's good to seem him playing well again and taking down a few top players enroute to this final, although i'm going to say Coria in 3 simply because it's clay


Am I the only one going for Schuettler for this one?

I don't really mind who wins but I find it nicer to cheer for an underdog because if they win then it seems all worth while, if they loose the you had nothing to loose in the first place!



Coria belongs in the top 5. Shuettler got enough points to stay in the top 8 by playing more tournaments than everyone else.
Kuerten is declining and Moya's too slow to play very well.
What an embarrassment that Agassi will be ranked lower than him!
Coria is fun to watch and is less arrogant than fake-photographer Schuttler. Watching chickens get butchered is more interesting than watching Schuttler. I don't care if he's an underdog.


Whatever, it ended up being 6-2, 6-1, 6-3, whatever... Joke of a final, Schuettler just isn't any good and Coria on clay is near unbeatable...


Devilia is right, but Moya's not slow, it's just that he's too inconsisten and his backhand is really bad now, like it's horrible. Coria belongs like top 2, Schuettler belongs out of the top 10, can't wait til later this year when he has to defend all those masters series points and whatever and his ranking just drops.

What if Coria could pull all 4 of those tourneys? I wouldn't be surprised it he did, or I mean I would, but wouldn't be a shock. He'd have to run into some insanely hot clay courter on fire, aka Ferrero, Moya, Safin, or like Federer. How awesome would that be? Coria on clay playing like usual vs. Federer on fire? That would be awesome tennis, think Fed would win though.

Schuettler got completely out-played. He's supposed to be mr. consistent, but he can't keep it up because even Schuettler is getting impatient. It's awesome.