Monte Carlo semis- Djokovic vs Wawrinka

Monte Carlo semis- Djokovic vs Wawrinka

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What a way to win. Well done bratha. Za srbija. Especially on our easter, what a better way than that for us Serbs.


Congrats to Novak. It's also been a good showing of Stan, I feel bad for him, but there is always next time, Novak played really well, and deserves to go to the final. he really found his form in this match. Good for him.


I think the mark on the clay is a better indicator of where the ball landed than the couple-of-millimetres-margin-of-error hawk-eye anyway :)

The thing with the plastic lines is that when you clean them with the brush you also take away a bit of the clay that's near them, so the mark can be a bit tricky if it's really close. Anyway, if the quality of the court is high, and I'm sure the MC ones are, refs can easily detect/decide where the ball lands, provided it's not a 10 km/h moon ball that falls right near the line :D

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Don't forget. Djokovic plays doubles later today vs Nestor/Zimonjic, a team ranked #9 in the world.

So far, Djokovic, ranked #522 (with 150 points) has +360 points for having gotten to the semis. This gives him 510 points total and moves him to #207!! An advance of 345 places in the standings.

If Djokovic/Troicki win and get into the finals, they will pick up another +240 points and Djokovic will then have 750 points and will stand #153, an advance in standing of almost 400 places!!! Should be interesting. Of course we will not see it because doubles are never shown, as if nobody cares. Well a few do, and I am sure one of them.


Wow, just when I started to respect Djoko a little he does this absolutely unacceptable act of plagaiarism. That heart belongs to Guga.

He did that already in Serbia after DC match against Australia.

He is a resident of Monaco after all and maybe wanted to show a little appreciation. Nothing bad.