More cushioned alternative to Vapors?


I've been wearing various Vapors for the past 6-7 years. As I get older and heavier, the cushioning on the Vapors is not holding up. I want a light shoe that will hold my heel in place like the Vapors do, isn't too high off the ground and has excellent cushioning.

Trying to decide between the following shoes:

-KSwiss Ultra Express (haven't tried these yet)
-KSwiss Hypercourt Express (felt very nice, but my heel kept slipping in the back of the shoe)
-Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev (love the way these feel also, but don't like the colors)
-Nike Zoom Cage 2 (felt a tad wide in the forefoot area, but everything else felt good)

Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. Thx.
You might want to ask about the Adidas Boost Barricades. Those should be on your list in addition to what you have listed. I love the Vapors and you have to remember they do wear out and need to be replaced frequently. The Vapors are not designed to last long but right out of the box, no is better.


I usually go through a pair of Vapors in 10 months, playing once a week.

I've never been able to wear any Barricades due to the narrow sizing. Plus, they always felt stiff compared to the Vapors.

I tried adding new insoles to the Vapors, but they always tightened the shoe up for me.


I've been wearing various Vapors for the past 6-7 years. As I get older and heavier, the cushioning on the Vapors is not holding up.

That's what I thought (and probably it is part of aging to some extent) but the whole tennis shoes market is going low profile, particularly thinning cushion in forefoot area, I think.


Yonex Power Cushion. A comfortable and responsive cushioning, IMO the gold standard. The Lunar Ballistec just feel like a sponge in comparison.


Nike Cage 2? Love mine, going to order another pair soon (and I have 2 pairs of Vapors that ony I use for tournament play).

I feel that I almost play better in the Cages. They are certainly more comfortable than the Vapors.


You're asking for a tough combo. Light, low profile and supremely cushioned are a tough combo. The yonexes are reasonably light and very cushy, but are a bit tall. Despite your previous experience with Barricades, you might try the Boosts. They feel very different than previously generations


So, I've eliminated the Zoom Cage 2 and the KSwiss Hypercourt. The KSwiss Ultra Express is in the lead right now in terms of weight and cushioning. The Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev is close behind. I need to try on both to see which one applies the least pressure to the top of my foot. Both of these shoes seem to be very cushy and very light.

I will try the Boosts tomorrow to see how they feel also.