More Exciting Novak Run: 2011 Streak vs. 2021 CYGS Run?

More exciting Nole Run?

  • 2011 Streak

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  • 2021 CYGS run

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Which event is more exciting and why? 2011 was like a storm nobody could have predicted. The sheer improbability of Nole's sudden transformation from one-slam wonder to dominant world No 1 along with the aura of invincibility he conjured up was pretty exciting. High point for me were the shocking defeats of Claydal in 2011 and the equally shocking end to the streak with Roger's great upset at RG.

This current CYGS is going to make the USO the most interesting tournament Djokovic has ever played. He has a chance to basically slam the door on the GOAT debate if he wins.


In 2011, #3 Djokovic went on a streak which saw him win 3 slams, 5 Masters, take the #1 ranking from Nadal and push #2 Federer to #3 (two players who had won 21 of the last 24 slams).

In 2021, Nole beat Medvedev, Tsitsipas, and Berrettini in slam finals.