More heartbreaking loss Rafa to Stan 2014 Ao or Djokovic to Medvedev Uo 2021?

More heartbreaking

  • Rafa Ao 2014

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Novak Uo 2021

    Votes: 8 72.7%

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Rafa was basically a odds on favourite to win against stan at Ao 2014, Pete was there to witness history of Rafa matching him at 14 but Rafa lost in what was a shocker to many similarly Djokovic went for even bigger glory with Laver in presence to see his Achievement being matched but what followed was a Big Shocker


Nadal was 26-0 in sets vs. Wawrinka heading into that match including 9-0 in 2013. Nadal got hurt and the rest is history.


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Nadal he was clearly injured and Stan as good as he is cant beat Rafa with his one handed backhand under normal circumstances.


Of course Djokovic and it's not even close.

With that loss, Nadal would still have his chance at #14. Djokovic just lost his chance at a tougher, more admired quest, and he will NEVER have the same opportunity again. Heck, no one on tour will likely ever have this opportunity.