More memorable Agassi match: Blake 05 or Baghdatis 06?

More memorable USO classic

  • Agassi-Blake 05

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  • Agassi-Baghdatis 06

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King No1e

Just rewatched 2 of Agassi's late-career classics. Both were incredible matches, both with high quality and a lot of drama. The Blake match was played at such a quick pace, they'd finish games in the length of time it takes Nadal between points. Baghdatis-Agassi had some great baseline ballstriking, with Baggy cramping in the end and Agassi barely surviving his last win.

Which of these 2 classics stands out more to you?


Bionic Poster
I think the Blake match was higher quality, simply because Andre was playing better in 2005 than in 2006 with Baghdatis. He made the final at age 35. But Agassi regards the Baghdatis match as superior, he opens his memoirs with a lengthy description of it. His movement was shot by then and he was playing with cortisone injections in his back. The Blake match was better from both players.


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Blake match was way better but Baghdatis has to be considered more memorable. Everyone watching that night surely had to feel like that was the end for Andre. It was quite the roller coaster of emotions. That win is still easily my favorite US Open moment ever.


It's always astounding how old man Agassi can stay with these guys despite such a large difference in speed and explosiveness. I mean especially in 05 vs Blake and Federer, the physical gap is just so large. No one has really been able to do it like him. Hitting the ball in the sweet spot without fail is a magical thing.

In those kinds of scenarios once you cede control of the point it's really hard to get it back (as we see with Fed and Djokovic over and over and over) but Agassi was just so consistent at cleanly striking the ball that it was hard to start yanking him around in the first place. Basically needed GOAT level ballstrikers like Fed and Safin to be absolutely in the matrix moving and hitting to be able to take advantage.


The Baghdatis match was a pale imitation of the previous years match. Technically the level of tennis is probably not all that different (as I recall) but for atmosphere and drama I didn't think it was close, even with the career on the line.

Earlier round, Agassi clearly struggling (more than he was already the year before) and Baghdatis, while having his banner year, physically failing at the end taking the edge off the whole thing, while Blake-Agassi probably reached its peak in that final set, and was less defined by errors.