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Hey guys. Some backstory is that I’ve played with Wilson racquets since I started my tennis journey in 2006. I was the definition of a Wilson purist, joking about babolat racquets and saying they were trash and for beginners. Then I started thinking about racquets. I began using a clash 98 and 100 tour in beginning of 2019, but I’ve never really felt in tune with a racquet. I decided to demo some racquets, a pure aero 2019, pure drive 2018 and rf autograph. For fun, right? I was so surprised hitting with the pure aero, I was surprised. My coach, who is sponsored by Wilson, told me babolats were bad racquets and heavily advised against using them. “We know what happened when you used a babolat.” Well, in the last month I’ve been recalling hitting the pure aero, and something was just right. Perhaps the spin, control, power, stiffness(and looks :) ). I tried it again, and I went out to go grab 2 pure Aeros. I’ve never felt so right about a racquet. Don’t think I’m gonna go back to Wilson for a while. Can’t wait to see my coach’s reaction ;)


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In tennis there isn't a right or wrong, there is what works or not for you.

If you have no arm issues, just enjoy, the Pure Aero spin is highly addictive.
I think you’ve said it yourself though. Objectively speaking it’s a racquet that can really make the game easier. And for most people it’s a hard game so why not make it easier? The same is true of polyester strings. But I’m not sure if the power of a PA can be tamed without poly strings and I think that’s the problem. For your typical amateur I think it’s playing with fire.

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Yeah, the thought has crossed my mind, but I think(hopefully) it’s just this hump I need to get over.


I have noticed that many of the Babs users at my club wear the elbow brace. Personally I think power and spin mean nothing if you have to stop playing but it’s your arm.
for as much concerns stiffness, Babolat is not the stiffest frame.
I can easily point some Head and Wilson frames that are as stiff as Babolat.
And they are not always viewed as "tweener" or "frame for beginner".

What is the measured RA of the Head Radical line?
What very likely "helped" Del Potro to destroy the wrists and go for so many surgeries?


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I've always thought Babolats were arm-breakers too. I tried an earlier version of the Aero Pro Drive and developed a sore elbow after a month, so I dropped it. I played the Project One Seven Pure Strike regularly for almost a year and ended up taking almost 2 months off for tennis elbow. No other brand has ever bothered my joints.

That said, I think the 2019 Pure Aero is different. I have been playing the Pure Aero Plus (2019) for about 5 months now with no issues at all. The dampening and feel is now in line with most other brands IMO.