More racquetball adventures...

Had to string an E-Force Mayhem racquet yesterday. Probably about 15 yrs old. Got 11 of the 14 mains installed and realized the USRSA manual was wrong. Was telling me to use Ambush instructions. Checked E-Force website. Same error. Already tied off the short side so I ended up uninstalling 7 mains and then I kind of winged it. Clamped first string installed at it's midpoint and changed the point of entry from 3LH to 1LH and things fell into place after that. First time I have strung one without written instructions.

But this has me wondering. Some time back someone on this site constructed a website of stringing instructions and was forced to take it down by the USRSA. They were claiming the instructions were proprietary and property of the USRSA. I think they actually claimed to write their own instructions after getting samples of racquets and stringing them. So how is it the instructions for the Mayhem are word for word the same in the USRSA manual and the E-Force website and they both have the exact same error?

BTW, if you ever have to string a Mayhem, use the instructions for the E-Force Danger.
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I seem to recall the bit about USRSA - forcing that person to take down the info. I can see why USRSA did that. (I don’t agree with what they did).

@10shoe shall I refer people who bring me racquetball racquets to you? You seem to enjoy taking on the challenge...
@10shoe shall I refer people who bring me racquetball racquets to you?
LOL. Please, retain them for your own enjoyment. I took in 6 of them today, all Head, a pattern that doesn't require a book.

About the USRSA, I don't think they had a legit case. Not if they just consolidate info published by mfrs.