thomas daniels

"The world-class tennis players know that they really win their matches in practice".

And this is why they practice like they want to play in their REAL matches.

Here are some more tips for practice.


Don't focus on winning.


"Focus on adding more shots to your matchplay game and work on perfecting them during these practice matches that you play in".

Many players just focus on winning and go right back to their comfort zone because of it.

Use your practice matches to become an around solid player and to discover your authentic style of play.


Play players that are better than you.

Over here.

The rank junior players never play practice matches against each other.

Which is crazy!!

I would only play players that were better than me in practice matches.


Because if I do that and keep improving and raising my level of play against them.

(I will dominate the other players who are on my same level and develop a solid mental game for consistently competing at a high-level during competition).

That's really what this is all about too.

No matter what level you play at, always seek to play up to your potential in these practice matches and up to the competition level as well.

And three.

Play more of them.

Remember the top tennis training rule which is.

The higher your playing level.

The more practice matches you should be playing.

Of course.

You have to get the reps in during practice and develop all your strokes.

But after you do that and have been doing that for a while.

The next step is to...

Play more practice matches weekly.

Also, play them like they are real matches.

Because if you implement all 3 of these tips from today.

Your practice match habits will naturally transfer to your REAL matches.

Which will then translate into you winning more of them!!

Doesn't that make sense?

Okay, I'll be talking to you guys soon!!