Most annoying players to watch at the Aus Open


jonolau said:
His most annoying habit is when he points all his fingers at his face after winning a point ... then he goes and loses the next.
Exactly LOL!!! It's such a slap in the face for him.
I am positive he'll drop out of the top ten by year's end.


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tonysk83 said:
Sharapova's matches would be equally as boring as Davenports, but Sharapova is cute, and still it is boring to watch. I love watching Gasquet play.

Mate, you're on the money. Davenport's matches are generally unbearable, I can't stand watching her play. You'd think Sharapova would be good to watch but her game is so one-dimensional and she is so intense that it's really tedious to watch (especially with all the over the top grunting as well), no matter how good she looks.


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AeonT said:
Most Annoying

Justine Henin Hardenne
Andy Roddick
Taylor Dent ( I'm glad he lost in the 1st round)
Mary Pierce
Lindsay Davenport

My fav to watch

Roger Federer
Maria Sharapova
Serena Williams
Robby Ginepri
Tommy Haas

Excuse me while I go puke now. ;)

Ok, kidding aside, I feel that:
1)Sharapova is overrated.
2)I want Serena out of AO.
3)Ginepri, forget that.
4)JHH is awesome to watch, that backhand is delicious.



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counterpunch said:
Roger is Boring should just change his name because he is indeed ******** as previously stated. Im just wondering pal, how well do you know roger?.......wait not at all. quit acting like you know all about him when you have never even met him, im tired of these senseless attacks. If you dont like him fine, but dont make up crappy reasons why you shouldnt.

How can he not get boring then? Try to do tweeners for YOUR entertainment everytime? Lose on purpose? what?


PM_ said:
Agree. Hewitt has no game.:mad:

A former number one player in men's tennis has NO game? Are you on crack?

Hewitt is very annoying but he is an excellent tennis player


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I don't like Acasuso. I was watching him play Robredo in Cincy, and they went into a tie-breaker. Robredo went down 6-0 in the breaker so I started rooting for him. He came back to 6-6 and when they switched sides, I was sitting in the first row on the side of the court he was coming onto. As he walk to the other side he glared at me walked right under where I was sitting and spat. I shut up and he won the breaker. I think he's just generally a jerk around the court, like Coria when he's losing.