Most awkward trophy pic? :}


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Why is this trophy so much bigger than all the Slam trophies? It looks like it needs two people to lift it!

Lol stop having a crush on every second ATP player xD


I was already annoyed that Musetti lost and then to see this....

Paul should have known better, as this was likely agreed before the match took place. Its his moment, not hers. What an ego maniac, and what a clown Tommy is.

How is Paul an ego maniac? Because his girlfriend posed with him?


What was it Simon and Garfunkel sang "Got to keep the followers satisfied, satisfied..."

TennisTV didn't hang on that long to show the after ceremony stuff but the BBC did, so I watched it..
Cringeworth definitely. The way she tried to bend him by the neck to her social media will, he was stiff a board and didn't look happy.

That said, storm in a Daily Fail teacup as usual.


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I'm happy for Tommy and good to see a fellow Carolinian having great success. I'm a little embarrassed for him too though that his girlfriend made a mockery of the trophy presentation. Lol.


To be fair, when I saw the footage for the first time, I thought Tommy looked as uncomfortable as I did watching it.

Yup same here. It was so clear. She was literally pulling him by the neck to get him closer.

This is only "ok" because she's a beautiful woman; can you imagine a man doing this to a WTA player, what the reaction would be? We'd be rightly horrified


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Yeah she's pretty obnoxious. I don't want to post it here because it's NSFW but check out her comments at the 28 minute mark on the podcast with Sofia Franklyn "Paige Lorenze on Tyler Cameron Breakup and Dating Celebs" on Youtube. :rolleyes:

Imma need a summary here.


I think this thread now has an expiration date. I'm pretty sure this video got the other Tommy Paul thread deleted earlier today :-D
Most trophy presentations in golf feature the wife or girlfriend. Adjust your undies girls.
Not like this. I don't recall Federer or any of the big 3 for that matter doing this crap. Tommy Paul has always irritated me and now his vapid, "influencer" girlfriend is irritating me, too. Lol. I mostly ignore his presence for a reason. So unappealing.