Most beautiful racket ever?


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Photo doesn’t really do it justice but this paint job always looked expensive on the shop wall. I like the blue Chang one too but the green is classier.

New VCORE pro line would be up there too if they were gloss!
Still own four of those racquets


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Hard to pick just one, some favorites-

Pure Drive 2001
Pure Control 2001
Pure Storm 2004
Pure Storm GT 2011

Biomimetic 200
MFil 200

Pro Braided Both Versions

Youtek Prestige Pro

TFight 315 LTD 2013
TFight 315 LTD XTC 2018

KBlade Tour
BLX Pro Staff Six One

TT Warrior


So many beautiful racquets made.
If I were to pick from some of the ones I own:

  • 1905 Wright & Ditson Geneva (It survived my restringing. Still trying to find the courage to actually hit with a 110+ year old racquet)
  • Wilson Advantage
  • Wilson Pro Staff 85 with Tour90 Paintjob
  • Wilson Hyper PS 85
  • Head Pro Tour 630
  • Arthur Ashe Comp
  • Black RF97 Auto
One racquet I want but haven't been able to find yet is the Cayman TNT90

Love the looks of the Pro Staff Tour 90 but I did not like the way it played compared to the PS85.
Solution? I found a PS85 with a Pro Staff Tour 90 paintjob.



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The Puma / Estusa / Head Boris Becker, red and blue.
I don't know why but whether its shape, color or who it belonged to, I've always felt a sense of fascination for that frame.

The one I love most should be the Head version. Shinny, only blue and red, no logo or whatever. Classiest racket ever to my taste. My #2 choice would be the Estusa.

My fave shape of any stick made


@esm why would you take 3 different racquets with you?
good question.
The Blade and PS are pretty much the same modded spec, in terms of weight/balance/SW/string type etc.
I have also modded the DG97 to as close spec as the Blade/PS... it was more troublesome due to the much HL-ness of it.... so i'd like to have a go with it to see how close it is - it has an older string/different style of string, well see how it plays/swings first.
I am just going through the box beam phase atm... so :-D
The best-looking rackets would have to be some of the wood/graphite rackets. The Snauwaert LaGrande, The Pro Kennex Golden Ace, The MaxPly McEnroe are a few of them.


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BITD saw Wilson Kramer Autos Selects with the glossiest finish ever, weight and balance point marked on the racquets. Believe they came from the Cookeville Tenn. plant