Most Beautiful Service Toss in Tennis

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    Here’s what that developmentally secondary and underutilized arm and hand need to do: cradle the ball delicately, with all the fingers; firmly straighten the arm and slightly turn the forearm (without tightening the grip on the ball); and lock the elbow. Then, with the shoulder, not the arm—a completely unnatural movement—raise this oddly deployed limb calmly and continuously to the height of the eyes (while doing all sorts of other things, which I won’t get into here, with the dominant arm and hand, the legs, and back) and release the ball with a force such that it reaches a height to meet the racquet, fully extended above you. Got it?

    silly writing nothing so difficult just for throwing the ball into air !!
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    Oh those reporters... Serena serves pretty high. Way higher than the hit height.
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    Actually that’s a great description on how to toss the ball properly.
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    The best, not the most artistic or beautifull tosses are the ones, you cannot read, what’s gonna happen next. Sampras was the best on this. Set-up, toss everything the same and you could never tell, what he was gonna serve.

    The key used to be the method, how he practiced. Coach called the serv, when ball was mid-air. Depth variation is harder to detect, but sideways and height differentiation is a tell-tail for most serves.

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    yea, her toss is a bit too high. full disclosure: I am not a Serena fan. But, I think her service motion is EXCELLENT and would be a great model for players of all levels. She has a very simple motion with no hitches, a smooth toss, great extension of the front arm, her leg and body action is well synchronized to optimize power and spin. she hits a great 1st serve and her 2nd serve is one of the better 2nd serves on WTA. They say she has the best female server of all time and I think "they" might just be correct. I would suggest lowering the toss a bit if you use her as a model but otherwise it is very solid. I even like the way she leads up with the toss arm and has the racket arm a bit lower when the toss arm reaches full extension upward.
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