Most extreme grips on the tour?


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Not sure if this question has been asked but who (currently) has the most extreme forehand and/or backhand grip?


Tons of players use a full western forehand grip on the Tour these days. Anything more extreme than that is biomechanically ridiculous and hugely inefficient. The only player I can think of who used it at the pro level was Berasategui. He destroyed his wrist, and frankly would have been a better player with a different grip.


No straight arm forehands; all very bent-armed.

Is there any connection between straight arm fh and grip?
I thought it was obvious, might be too harsh of a word, that having an extreme grip leads to a more bent arm. If you hold your racket in all those different grips, you'll see that it is really hard to hold a western grip forehand with a straight arm. Your wrist will be filly bent back and any impact on that form would be devastating for your wrist.

Also, I saw a thread here a while ago showing that nadal used a semi western forehand grip which is why he is able to use a straight arm forehand. Hope it helps