Most Important Surface?

What surface is the most important surface?

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I see this bint pop up on the reg here; mind filling in a filmographic ignoramus as to who this?
For those outside GOAT Britain, "bint" is an insulting and derogatory slur used towards women.

Kind of like a slightly softer version of "b*tch".

I wouldn't want the poster I'm replying to to get away scot-free because they used a term which 95%+ of the English-speaking world would not necessarily know of.


Career records which you h2h boys love... says Fed is better on every surface except clay.
Yeah beating 2017 and 2019 Nadal is same as prime vs prime which the original poster stated. Prime vs Prime Nadal always had the upper hand on outdoor courts bar Wimby where he was a threat


Federer should be very proud how he has turned around his H2H with Nadal. Starting with Basel in 2015 through Wim in 2019, Fed has one 7 of the last 8, including 2-1 in GS.


It's simple mathematics, most tournaments, most masters, most slams are played on hard, so it's hard. When grass was the predominant surface, it was grass. If they change most tournaments to clay, because of the players' health, it will be clay.