Most MPs/SPs saved


What is the biggest number of MPs or SPs you've saved and still won the match?

My highest is 6 SPs. It was in an L5 backdraw match. The first set was super-close. Both of us were serving well and holding with ease. But when the set got to a tiebreak, it all went wrong for me.

He hit a good serve to win the first point. Since I had a lot of trouble winning points on his serve, I really didn't want to get down a minibreak. Because of this, I went for too much and lost the next two points. 3-0 lead for him. He won the next two points with good serves and I lost my next service point with a frustrated error.

There it was: 6-0 lead for him. While switching sides I said to myself: "Just don't lose it 7-0. Just get the 1st serve in and win at least a point". So I hit a serve winner and saved the first SP. Then he had a lapse in focus. He missed his 1st serve on the next two points and went for some questionable flashy winners. 2 unforced errors from him brought the score back to 6-3. I hit a serve winner to bring it to 6-4. The possibility of blowing a huge lead was obviously already in his head. He was mumbling at himself and starting to lose his cool. On the next point we played a very long rally which ended when he missed an attempted winner and slammed his racquet on the ground. At 6-5, he completely lost it. He DFed and again slammed his racquet on the ground (cracking the frame). At 6-6 (after switching sides and him getting a new frame) he lost the next two points on UEs and gifted me the set 7-6(6).

To his credit, he did put up a solid fight in the 2nd set. Most guys would have probably bagged it after the disappointment of blowing a 6-0 lead in a breaker. But I was confident enough to win the match 7-6(6) 6-3.
3 match points down a break at 6-3, 3-6, 4-5. My opponent was serving for the match and after firing off 2 aces into the corners and rushing the net,
had taken a quick lead to 40-0.

I started playing "loose" and smacked a down the line back-hand return winner off of his wide twist serve. 2nd match point I sliced the return and then hit an inside-out forehand winner off of his slice to the ad side that was so close to the line I thought I had hit it out.

For the last match point, my adrenaline was pumping and I could feel my heart-beating in my chest. I was thinking that my "high risk high return" mind-set had just saved 2 match points, but would my luck run out for the 3rd?

Before I had a chance to decide how to play it out, my opponent served a safe but heavy kick serve that was upon me with no time to think. Instinctively I went to slice the backhand to chip it back, but it ended up landing just barely over the net as a clean drop shot winner!

My opponent looked physically and mentally exhausted after our exchange and I went on to win the match after holding my serve and breaking his.


6 MP's saved in a tournament first round match. I was down 6-0 in a 2nd set tiebreak, wound up winning it 9-7 or something like that. Then I won the 3rd set breaker 10-8. My opponent was so upset after the match. I saw him just lose it in the lobby area.